The username is the foremost method of recognition between players. Often players may not know what another player's character looks like, especially given that a character's appearance can change A Username is the identifying name chosen by a player at his or her account's creation for any of the Jagex games, including Stellar Dawn and any other future game(s). Usernames are permanent, but the player's display name can be changed once every 28 days for members at the moment. Usernames are also used to identify players on Friends Lists and Ignore Lists. Players can add other people to either of these by right-clicking an entry they have made in the message box, and selecting "Add to Friends" or "Add to Ignore". Other functions require players to type in someone else's username, and they must do this with absolute accuracy for the function to work. These include when entering another player's house, and when reporting another player for violating the Rules of Jagex.

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