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This update was added on 27 July 2010.

We’ve been amazed at the speculation that’s been building for Stellar Dawn, and now we want to give you something else to think about!

We want to bring out your creative sides, so we’re announcing the Stellar Dawn Story Competition. In no more than 500 words, we want you to write a short story using any of the concept art pictures on the site as your inspiration. The love of writing is its own reward, of course, but we thought we’d provide guaranteed entry to the beta for the 5 stories we judge as the best of the best. How does that sound?

Make sure your work is original, is based in the sci-fi genre, and does not include references to current sci-fi films, books, etc. We want to see you being creative. Let your imagination run riot!

Please note: The winning stories will be chosen because we enjoyed and were entertained by them. They will be works of fan-fiction and we are neither confirming nor endorsing any story content. Just because a story is chosen, it does not mean that the content is part of the Stellar Dawn game either now or in the future.

For the rules, further information and closing date see our thread in the forums.

Good luck all!

Mod Markg Community Management Team Leader

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