Trade will be a feature in Stellar Dawn, which will allow players and/or non player characters to transfer items or currency, safely from one account to another in exchange for other goods. In RuneScape, trading was used for the buying and selling of items, which will probably be the main use of trading in Stellar Dawn.

Two accounts owned by the same person may not interact with each other. This includes trading, dueling and assisting. Anyone doing this is in breach of honour.

Real World TradingEdit

In RuneScape, Real World Trading (or RWTing) was a problem for Jagex. Real World Trading is the trading of RuneScape goods and services for real life goods and services. This was not only unfair to some players (as more wealthy players had an unfair advantage) but, because it was linked with credit card fraud, it cost Jagex money (in legal fees, etc).

On the 12th December 2007, Jagex introduced many updates to combat Real World Trading. The notable ones were the removal of the Wilderness and the removal of unbalanced trade. While this upset many players, it has now been widely accepted (and even applauded) as it has removed almost all RWTing.

To avoid a similar problem in Stellar Dawn, Jagex have stated that they will introduce methods to counter this from the beginning. They have not; however, been released to the public.

The information in this article is not necessarily 100% accurate as the game has not yet been released.
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