This page in a nutshell: You are allowed to make an article for an item that does not exist. However, there must be some valid proof that shows that the item will be created in the future. The article must clearly indicate that the item doesn't exist.

This is a policy regarding the making of articles for items that do not exist. This refers to all, but not limited to, non-existent NPCs, monsters, items, weapons, armour, holiday drops, and gameplay elements. In this policy, item refers to all of these.

  1. Articles about items that players have found pictures of on the official site are allowed to be created.
  2. Articles about items that once existed in-game are allowed to be created.
  3. Articles about notable urban legends are allowed to be created if the rumour has been recognised by many players.
  4. Articles with images hacked from the official Stellar Dawn website are not allowed. If you need to use an illegal program to find the item, do not write an article about it.
  5. Topics often riddled with non-canon lore (such as the history of Stellar Dawn) should be examined for fan fiction. In general, out-of-game sources should be cited as well as reliable. In a nutshell, lore that isn't canon to Stellar Dawn's storyline doesn't belong in mainspace.
  6. Commonly discussed things that do not exist in Stellar Dawn, should be redirected to Non-existent item.

If an article about a non-existent item meets those criteria, it should be added to Category:Items that do not exist.

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