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Pausing Stellar Dawn

I wanted to personally let you know that we have taken the decision to pause the development of Stellar Dawn for the time being.

This very difficult decision was driven by the massive year we have ahead of us. We feel we need to focus our resources to ensure we stay true to our values of delivering only the highest quality game experiences.

I know this news will come as a disappointment to many but I want to stress that this is not a decision we have taken lightly. The Stellar Dawn team has achieved a great deal developing the game over recent years and should rightly be proud of their achievements; however, we believe that this temporary move is in the best interest of the studio as a whole.

I know that many of you have been following the games development loyally over recent years and, on behalf of the development team and Jagex Game Studios, I wish to thank each one of you for the support you have shown.

Rest assured that we will review the status of the Stellar Dawn project in the future so long as an appetite for the game remains. I hope Jagex can rely on your ongoing support.

Thanks for reading,


RSOF QFC:23-24-206-63602932, SDOF QFC:83-84-14-119886
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Stellar Dawn Updates
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18 November 2010

  • Art Competition Winners - Thank you for your participation. The results were extremely interesting and have now been analysed. Read more...

13 October 2010

  • Stellar Dawn Art Competition - Following the success of the short story competition, we knew the Stellar Dawn community had an abundance of creative talent. This time, we want to you to share your artistic skills. Read more...
  • Stellar Dawn's Official Facebook page announced two posts: Has anyone found Helen's journal yet?, and ~~ExNet breached. Protocol K89 activated. Transmission suspended. Radio silence to ensure data security. Signing off~~. In addition Jagex Moderator, Mod Comnet, posted on the forums: ~~ExNet breached. Protocol K89 activated. Unsecure transmissions suspended, radio silence indefinitely. ExNet still active. All transmissions free and unvetted. Use with caution. IntNet still active, no breach detected. ExNet usable but information unverified. ~~ , however this was an originally hidden post, and is also the first post by a Jagex Moderator not to include a gold background on the forums.

10 September 2010

  • Story Competition Winners - On the 26th July, we launched the first ever Stellar Dawn competition, offering beta places to the best 5 stories. Read more...

Wiki Updates

20 November 2010 - The Stellar Dawn Wiki turns 3! Happy Anniversary!!!

30 July 2010 - Hess36 has been granted administrator rights by Bonziiznob

We thank everyone for their continued support and contributions. However, to avoid contributions which are in vain to the wiki, please do not submit content which is a rumour or a speculation. As a wiki, we are devoted to facts and truth, and rumours only upset this balance and create hostile thoughts and expectations. We appreciate your awareness on this matter.

More Stellar Dawn Updates
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Helen Grange's Journals

Dr. Helen Grange is a fictional character created by Jagex to deliver hints and back-story about Stellar Dawn's history (possibly). Helen works for the Maya Archaeometallurgy Institute and is currently on a mission to help with the secondary investigation of the Lamanai Dig Pyramids. She made her first appearance on the Stellar Dawn forums on the 4th of October, 2010 and maintains a journal about her digs in Belize as well as jotting down potentially important notes about the Lamanai pyramids she works on and what has been found thus far. In conjunction with recent announcements, it would appear her journals security have been jeopardized thus far.

2nd November 2043

I’m not sure how many more messages I will be able to share with you – we have discovered something amazing in a chamber within the base plate, roughly beneath the primary structure! Dr Ashkenazy and Prof Catherwood went in with a small team to explore the inner chambers of the larger temple. It revealed an intriguing mass burial site: the bodies were positioned in a radiating fan of concentric circles around a central structure; some kind of device. From their excited descriptions, I assumed it was a new sort of Mayan sculpture, but when I saw it for myself...well.

It’s utterly unlike anything else here, in every possible way; the materials, the finish, the design. Nothing about it seems to fit with what we’ve seen from Mayan culture, not even at this site.

The government suits arrived less than an hour ago. They’ve started confiscating the site reports and artifacts. I am hoping this message will reach you before they complete their communication lock-down. They are taking over from here. I’ll be in touch somehow, soon. I promise!

Dr Helen Grange
Maya Archaeometallurgy Institute

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