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Stellar Dawn is an upcoming game currently under development at Jagex Games Studio.

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While MechScape had been in development for about three years and was nearly complete, it had become clear that the gameplay of the current version was not going to meet Jagex's standards. This became official in October 2009 when Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard announced that MechScape development was starting over under the new name of Stellar Dawn,[1] with a beta expected in 2011. The beta was not released in 2011.[2][3][4]


Past trademarked Stellar Dawn logo

The official Stellar Dawn logo

In June, a Jagex Moderator confirmed that Stellar Dawn was only "a few months away".[5] On 14 July 2010, Jagex launched the official Stellar Dawn website, opening applications for a Stellar Dawn Closed Beta, as well as introducing new concept art, FAQs, and an open forum. With the launch of the official website, it was announced that Stellar Dawn is to be released sometime in 2011. As said by Mod Ajd, "Stellar Dawn will be very different to RuneScape, both in setting and gameplay." Stellar Dawn is currently in alpha testing. At the moment, there is no information on the release date for the Beta or the game itself.

However, on the 2nd of March 2012, it was announced by Mod MMG on the stellar dawn forums than development for the game was being "paused". It is unknown when development will continue. In January 2013, Mod MMG stated that they would continue development on Stellar Dawn in 2014/2015, if they found there was still a big enough want for it. In January of 2014, Mod MMG stated on Twitter that SD was "on ice" and that they would look back at it after the release of Transformers Universe later that year.


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