Recovery questions (or recoveries) are questions set by a player to reclaim the account in the event or losing the password or getting hacked. A player may select up to 5 questions personal to themselves that would not be known by others or easy to guess. Upon trying to recover a lost/hacked account, a player will be promted to event these questions (as well as many other questions regarding the account). If the request is successful, the player will regain access to the account.

It is possible to regain an account without setting recovery questions. However, it is a lot harder and much more information about the account (such as first/previous passwords, membership details, account creation times, etc) must be known. Therefore, Jagex strongly recommend setting recovery questions.

It is against Rule 2 to ask a player to give out their recovery questions and against Rule 13 to ask questions that could be recovery questions. For example, asking "What are you recoveries?" is reportable under Rule 2; asking "What is your mother's maiden name?" os reportable under Rule 13.


Examples of possible recovery questions:

  • What is your mother's maiden name?
  • Who was your first teacher?
  • What was your favourite subject at school?
  • Who was your first best friend?
  • What is you monther's/father's middle name?
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