Quick chat is a feature in game that give players under the age of thirteen and muted players the ability to talk. It also lets those who do not wish to type things out fully to quickly say what they ant to say. For example, if a player wished to buy an item, they could select the buying item option from Quick Chat instead of having to type it out. As well as this, muted or under-age players can use this as a way to communicate.

Keyboard Shortcuts Edit

In addition to Quick Chat, the update also changed some of the previous keyboard shortcuts and introduced a new shortcut.

  • Enter - opens up Quick Chat if you aren't currently typing anything. If Quick Chat is open, it eill open the phrase search.
  • F9 - opens the quick responses feature. From here, if someone said "How can I train up my strength level?", you could quickly reply with a monster name - e.g. "Try fighting: Robots".
  • F10 - opens up the context-sensitive Quick Chat menu.
  • F11 - repeats the last phrase you said using Quick Chat.


Because Quick Chat is available to muted and non-muted players, as opposed to normal chat (only accessible to non-muted players), some have expressed concern that it will become a tool for spamming. However, this is very difficult to do, as there it still takes a long time to select a message. The repeat button can not be used very quickly, eliminating spamming.

Another concern is to whether it will be a useful feature for most players. The main problem with the system is the sheer number of combinations, which makes it more difficult for players to learn specifics.

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