Pay to play (also known as P2P or Members), are the parts of Jagex games that requires paying for a subscription to access. There are many differences between Free to Play and Pay to Play in Jagex games; however, at this time nothing can be said about Stellar Dawn. It is likely; however, that there will be some big differences between the members and non-members version of the game. Membership on different Jagex games are separate, meaning if you are a member of one game, you are not automatically a member or all Jagex games. Membership must be bought separately for each game. The first time Jagex made pay-to-play on one of their games was on 4 October 2001. Many people criticize about pay-to-play due solely as a result of the limitations of a non-member in RuneScape, as it is often very limited and restricted in content and not much can be done on the game at a high level.


There is speculation that the advantages will be somewhat like those of RuneScape, for example more items, music, and missions.


  • Many players are hassled to avoid wasting time and real life money.
  • Some people see it as less of a challenge

The information in this article is not necessarily 100% accurate as the game has not yet been released.
Because Stellar Dawn has not yet been released, some parts of this article are based on other Jagex games.