A password is a set of characters which is used to gain access to an account and usually the target of hackers or scammers. It is recommended that your password does NOT relate to anything close to you, such as a favourite animal, the address of your house, birthday, or any other sequence of characters closely associated to you. Rather, it is more recommended that you name your password after the birthday of a famous person what nobody knows you like, or something similar that can be re-looked up in the case you forget but is not easily guessed by friends or family. A combination of letters and numbers are frequently suggested for making a strong and hard to guess password.

Keeping Your Account SafeEdit

When creating an account, it is best to have a good password consisting of a word ending with a number. The stronger the password the more secure your account, so it is strongly recommended your password contain both letters and numbers. It is also not recommended to use your real name or anything else personal to you. It is also strongly recommended to not have the same password on other websites, because the infiltration of these websites' passwords can put your account at risk. It is also recommended to change your password every 2-3 months so as to prevent any possible chance of consistency which can be determined.

You must never tell anyone your password, because that person could hack your account or commit unwanted offences while playing on it. If requesting help for a quest, never offer your password to a user to play for you. Additionally, it is against rule 6 to share an account or let anyone else but the owner use it. There are about 500 very common passwords that may not be used. These were banned by Jagex to ensure extra security of the account.

Never download anything from a fan site unless the fan site or download is mentioned by Jagex on their official site. Downloads from fan sites can hold key loggers or viruses that put your password and account in jeopardy.