Acc appeal pillar

The pillar used to represent how close you how to a permanent mute or ban, this particular pillar is empty.

The Black Mark was a old method of recording the offences a player as committed, as of the 11th May 2009, Black Marks and now no longer used and now offences are split into 2 categories, "Mute" and "Ban".

When you commit a offence, how close you are to being permanently muted of banned (depending upon what you did) is increased, should this reach maximum you will be permanently muted or banned. Also, the higher the pillar is the more severe the punishment will be if you commit more offences.

Some offences will expire (be removed from your account history) thus reducing the amount on the pillar a year after the event happened.

There is a section on the RuneScape and FunOrb websites entitled Appeal an Offence/Ban. Players may use this feature to appeal any offences they think they have been unfairly given.

Because Stellar Dawn has not yet been released, some parts of this article are based on other Jagex games.
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