A Non-Player Character (or NPC) is a character in Stellar Dawn that is not controlled by a player; rather they are controlled by the game itself. The functions of a NPC may vary; examples include monsters to fight, shopkeepers, or just random people around the world whom you can have a chat with (though NPC dialogue is always very similar). In RuneScape, they are represented on the minimap by a yellow dot. Non-player characters will probably be represented on a minimap in a similar way in Stellar Dawn as well.


Any non-player-character in RuneScape that can be attacked is classified as a monster. Many monsters drop item(s), trigger an event, or advance you in a mission, when killed. In RuneScape monsters are killed because they drop rare or valuable items. This may become true in Stellar Dawn as well.

The information in this article is not necessarily 100% accurate as the game has not yet been released.
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