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Jagex registered the MechScape logo as a trademark on December 4, 2008. The trademark registration was filed more than a year earlier on November 24, 2007.[1]

Current versions Edit

Trademarked logo

The logo registered as a trademark of Jagex, Ltd. This version does not contain artefacts.

Mechscape logo

The less common version of the MechScape logo containing artefacts.

Two versions of the logo are currently circulating, both with the same dimensions. Both look nearly the same but contain subtle differences, such as artefacts.

The "official" version does not contain artefacts. It has been registered as a trademark of Jagex, Ltd.[1] The other version is of unknown origins, but can occasionally be encountered online. The artefact version might have been released by a Jagex artist or other such employee unofficially, though there is currently no known proof of this.

Previous versions Edit

The original MechScape logo contained artefacts implying that at one point in its creation the MechScape logo read "WWW-MECHSCAPE-COM" rather than "MECHSCAPE". When the full URL was deleted, it was not replaced with the same color as the background—it was instead replaced with a slightly lighter shade of black. The old text also appears to be in a different, more futuristic font.

The artefacts can be seen highlighted in dark red below:

Logo artefacts

In an enlarged view of the current logo, the artefacts can sometimes be seen with the naked eye. Oftentimes, though, color selection tools (such as those provided in the GIMP) are needed to observe the slight variation in color.

Note that these artefacts only appear in the less common version of the logo. The image file submitted for trademark registration does not contain the artefacts.[1]

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