A Jagex Moderator (also known as a Jagex Mod or a J Mod), is a Jagex employee.

Jagex moderators have special powers in RuneScape which include the ability to ban or mute players. In addition, Jagex moderators can change their characters' statistics in-game, although they are not licensed to abuse these powers. Therefore, if you witness a Jagex moderator breaking the game rules, you may report them just like you would any other player.

Jagex moderators will always have gold crowns (Stellar Dawn Jagex Mod Crown, FunOrb JagexModCrown, RuneScape Jmod crown) when they talk in game. This crown cannot be removed and is also shown for Jagex moderators when posting on the official Forums.

All Jagex moderators' usernames in RuneScape begin with "Mod" followed by their desired name, such as "Mod Thomas". The only exceptions to this rule are, Ian, Andrew and Paul Gower, who are known as "Ian" "Andrew" and "Paul", respectively; however, they will still have a gold crown next to their name.

A Jagex moderator should be a good source of knowledge about the game and, most especially, the rules. Jagex moderators will never ask for your password, and you should never reveal such information if requested by a Jagex moderator or another player.

Historically it has been rare to see Jagex moderators in game, however, recently more and more Jagex moderators have been spotted in both F2P and Member worlds.

If a player states they are a Jagex moderator, but they do not have a gold crown next to their name, then do not give them any information. You can report such players for Staff Impersonation. Never claim to be a Jagex moderator yourself, as this is an offence. If a player with a silver crown says that they are a jagex moderator do not be fooled as they are a player moderator and can be reported as well but only if they said jagex moderator and not player moderator.

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