Hacking is gaining access to someone's account without their permission. A hacker may steal the hacked player's items, get the player banned, lose the player's friend or otherwise disrupt the account. Attempting to hack a player in game (such as by persuading a player to say their password) is reportable under Rule 3.

Avoiding Being HackedEdit

There are many ways to avoid being hacked. These include:

  • Never visit potentially dangerous sites or sites that promise free gold, Moderator status, etc.
  • Do not put your password on any website promising free power levelling for your password.
  • Never enter your password on sites other than,,, or
  • Regularly change your password.
  • Set and regularly change recovery questions.
  • Never tell anyone else your password.
  • Never try saying your password in game. It will be blocked but a typo could reveal it.
  • If you think you have a virus, do a virus scan and remove it. Change your password and recovery questions after removing the virus.
  • Do not use your Jagex password as a password on any other site.
  • Do not share your account with anyone else (this is also in breach of Honour).

There are also many tips to avoid being hacked in the RuneScape Game Guide.

Dangerous WebsitesEdit

There are many dangerous websites on the internet. Most of these promise something to a player such as free membership, Moderator status or free money/items. These sites often have some way of trying to stealing an account. This may be by pretending to be an official Jagex account and promoting the player to enter a password or by installing a keylogger to record the player's password. Players are advised to never go to these sites as even visiting them could install a virus or keylogger.

These websites are illegal and can be reported via the Forums. Jagex has the legal right to take down any websites that break Jagex rules.

Consequences of being HackedEdit

There are many consequences of being hacked. What a hacker chooses to do on a hacked account varies from person to person. However, most hackers will choose to do one or more of the following.

  • Steal the player's items
  • Get the player muted/banned
  • Try to cause problems for the player (such as nasty comments to friends/clan)
  • Keep the account as their own
  • Sell the account
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