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FunOrb is a gaming website run by Jagex. It was announced in February 2008, and released later that month on the 27 February.[1] It uses the same account information as Stellar Dawn, RuneScape, and War of Legends, but requires a separate membership fee.

The site hosts small games varying in amount of possible playtime from an hour to two days. 40% of the website is available for free while the other 60% is available to persons who pay the membership fee. Jagex offers a discount for those who are paying members of both RuneScape and FunOrb.

It was originally released with 18 games, with each game having various achievements. Now, in keeping with their promise of an update every two weeks, it now has a total of 38.

The most popular game on the site is the turn-based multiplayer game Arcanists, in which the player takes on the role of an aspiring wizard who battles against his or her rivals in destructible arenas. The second most popular game on the site is the turn-based multiplayer strategy game Armies of Gielinor, set in Gielinor (the land in which RuneScape is set), during the God Wars. You can summon beasts such as Black Knights, Greater Demons, Aviansies, and other monsters from the RuneScape universe, in which players control their armies and units from different Gods to take control of villages and structures and defeat the enemy.

Jagex has used almost exclusively the popularity of RuneScape to gain patrons for this site, with almost all FunOrb players being either current or former RuneScape players. Jagex does not advertise FunOrb anywhere (except on the RuneScape website). There are some larger FunOrb announcements, such as the release of Armies of Gielinor.


Arcanists 1

Two players taking part in a free version game of the popular game Arcanists.

Name Category Single-player or multiplayer?
36 Card Trick Puzzle Single-player
Arcanists Strategy Multiplayer
Armies of Gielinor Strategy Multiplayer
Bouncedown Arcade Both
Brick-À-Brac Arcade Both
Chess Strategy Multiplayer
Crazy Crystals Puzzle Single-player
Deko Bloko Arcade Both
Dr. P. Saves the Earth Shooter Single-player
Dungeon Assault Strategy Multiplayer
Escape Vector Arcade Single-player
Flea Circus Puzzle Single-player
Geoblox Arcade Single-player
Hold the Line Racer Single-player
Hostile Spawn Shooter Single-player
Lexicominos Word Single-player
Miner Disturbance Arcade Single-player
Monkey Puzzle 2 Arcade Single-player
Orb Defence Arcade Single-player
Pixelate Puzzle Both
Pool Sport Both
Shattered Plans Strategy Multiplayer
Sol-Knight Arcade Single-player
StarCannon Shooter Single-player
Stellar Shard Arcade Single-player
TerraPhoenix Strategy Single-player
TetraLink Strategy Multiplayer
The Track Controller Puzzle Single-player
Tor Challenge Platform Single-player
Torquing! Platform Single-player
Transmogrify Word Single-player
Vertigo 2 Platform Both
Virogrid Strategy Multiplayer
Wizard Run Platform Single-player
Zombie Dawn Strategy Single-player
Zombie Dawn Multiplayer Strategy Multiplayer


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