Free to play, (also known as F2P) is the free version of the game, which doesn't require a subscription, whereas the Members' version (P2P) does.


  • When players start up an account they can try it out for free be for paying for something they may not like
  • It is much easier to decide what to do as there are fewer items and activities available to do
  • The gameplay is generally safer
  • Some players consider the game more of a challenge because of slower training
  • In RuneScape, minigames and player vs player is much easier as strong items are cheap so almost every one can afford the best weapon


  • There are fewer in-game resources
  • There is less freedom as there is less gameplay and activities to do
  • There are fewer worlds to choose from
  • Due to the limitation of activities it is generally harder to make money
  • There are fewer skills available to use and train
  • There is less space on the Friends and Ignore lists
  • Certain requirements must be met to post on the Forums
  • In RuneScape, there is 5x less bank space so players can have only a few items
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