Forum mod crown

A Forum Moderator is a player who has moderating abilities on the Stellar Dawn Forums. Forum Moderators from the Stellar Dawn Forums can share moderating powers between the FunOrb and War of Legends Forums as well.

Forum Moderators have many abilities to aid them in keeping the Forums clean and educating others of the rules. These include the ability to:

  • Lock threads
  • Change thread titles
  • Post on locked threads
  • Move threads
  • Hide posts
  • Hide threads
  • Ban users

They also have access to Moderator Forums which they can use to have close contact with other Forum Moderators and Jagex Moderators.

Recognising a Forum ModeratorEdit

A Forum Moderator is recognised by their green post background and a green crown before their names on the Forums they Moderate. You can view a list of Forum Moderators by clicking the 'Forum Mods' link at the top of the Forums. They have no identification in game (because they have no in-game powers).

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