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Mod HohbeinEdit

There will be a live surgery with Mod Hohbein. For those that don't know, Mod Hohbein is in charge of communication and relationships between fansites. Below is the details...

J-Mod Surgery TimetableEdit

Welcome to the J Mod Surgery timetable!

Each week you will be able to check this thread and find a location, date and time that a J Mod will be in-game to answer your questions!

We call these meetings 'surgeries' - don't ask us why - nobody actually knows!

Anyway, if you want to pop along to meet a J Mod - you know where we will be! You can ask us anything you like at these events, although we are unlikely to be able to answer any questions about future content (sorry). Also, please bear in mind that J Mods carry anti-spam shields, so it's best to stick with meaningful chat!

We will let you know what each Mod who is running the surgery is a specialist in - but don't think you can only come along if you want to discuss their specialist topic - you can ask us pretty much anything!

We will also try and mix things up a bit - so we plan to hold surgeries at different times and with different J Mods - so keep checking here to see who the next victim, ermmmm sorry, J Mod, will be!

We plan to get some J Mods from all different departments to pop along to surgeries, so you could be chatting with a senior person from Community Management one week, and someone who deals with offence appeals the next!

We look forward to meeting (and hopefully helping) all of you who turn up at a surgery!

See you there!



Mod Hohbein's DetailsEdit

Where: Rimmington POH Portal, World 74

When: Wednesday 16 September 11:00 (11.00am) UK official forum time

Who: Mod Hohbein

Mods natural habitat: Fansites and competitions

Useless fact: Mod Hohbein is 1337!


This is a great opportunity for us to attend and ask questions. 15:19, September 10, 2009 (UTC)

Closed - Event is over. C.ChiamTalk 03:33, November 10, 2009 (UTC)

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