A clan is a group of players. Some clans are purely social and just chat in their Clan Chat while others have regular events. These players may choose to participate in activities, within or outside of a game, with one another. Clans are made up of members, some clans have a rigid leadership and ranking system; others are more relaxed about ranking. There are many clans, each with different leadership, events, rules, members and structures.

Each clan is very different to the next: some clans are roughly constructed, participating only in a single task whereas other clans have strict codes and rules, setting down punishments for breaking these rules or being inactive. Some clans are themed or based on a certain God; some are not. While Jagex supports RuneScape clans in game and on the Forums (with Clan Forums and the Clan Chat feature), there is no official support for clans based elsewhere. There is also no evidence so far as to whether there will be a clan system similar to RuneScape's Clan Chat in Stellar Dawn.

List of ClansEdit


  • The Titan Empire
  • The Combine
  • The Borg
  • The Round Table
  • Nova Legion
  • Black Hole Brotherhood
  • The Stellar Empire
  • Excelseus


  • United Human Resistance
  • Mymridons
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