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A Ban is a punishment given to a player by Jagex Moderators for breaking certain rules. If a player receives a ban, they will be unable to log into the game or Forums for the duration of the ban. Bans cannot be given by a Player Moderator (they only have the power to mute players for 48 hours); Jagex Moderators are able to ban a player indefinitely.

Players rarely receive bans for committing chat box related offences (such as breaking using offensive language; these are often punished with a mute. Players may receive a ban when breaking the rules.

Permanent BanEdit

A permanent ban is a punishment given to a player by a Jagex Moderator for breaking certain serious rules. If a player is permanently banned, they will be unable to log into the game or post on the Forums ever (unless they send a successful appeal, although due to a recent update, it may be possible for some of the offences what contributed to a permanent ban to expire).

Acc appeal pillar

The pillar giving a visual representation of how close you are to a permanent ban

Permanent bans will be received by repeatedly breaking rules, of which Macroing and Real World Trading would possibly be the worst. Unless instantly permanently banned, the offences will be shown on a pillar, the more "full" this pillar is, the more closer you are to be permanently banned

Forum BanEdit

If a player receives a Forum ban, they will not be able to post on the Forums for the duration of the ban. Forum bans can be given by Forum Moderators and can last for up to 72 hours. Bans given by a Jagex Moderator have an unlimited duration. If a player is muted in game, they will receive a Forum ban for the duration of the mute. If you verbally harass a player on the forums, you will receive a forum ban as well as a ingame mute. However spamming or flaming causing a forum ban does not constitute a mute in game.

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