A Jagex account is an account that a player has with Jagex with which the player accesses Jagex games. A single account can be used for RuneScape, FunOrb, War of Legends, and confirmed by Mark Gerhard the same was to happen with MechScape and will happen to StellarDawn[1] Each account keeps track of progress made in-game, such as skills and quests in RuneScape or highscores and achievements in FunOrb.

An account is accessed with a username which everyone sees when you're in the same area/lobby as them and a password which must be kept secret. It is against Rule 6 to share, trade, buy, sell, or give away accounts. Doing so could result in the account being banned.

An account can be a member or a non-member on a specific game. If the account is a member that account will have access to more of the game. Membership must be bought separately for each game. See member for more details.

Each player needs to choose his/her race: Human, Pliigi, Mortiga or another (yet to be revealed) race.


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